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Automated record keeping system

Automated record keeping system of coal mines (PSI)

The company Pr JSC PCF “Amplituda” specialized at production and repair of equipment for mining industry based upon technical facilities of its own design has worked out the  automated record keeping system (PSI).

PSI is designed for gathering of information on operation time (descending, ascending, movement) of underground workers at coal mines, primary processing of obtained information in the system controllers, storage and transfer of information into Ethernet for users of record keeping systems, access control etc.).

PSI is made based upon equipment system AKORD according to Technical Specifications of Ukraine 30.00-30482603-005:2008.

Functional characteristics of PSI:

– reaction time of PSI to change of input signals (time from the moment when the trinket is fixed on the reader till the signal “Go”)-2,0 sec.;

– accuracy of calendar time keeping– no less ±0,5 sec.;

– data storage period in form of day files in the long-term memory of PSI – minimum 1 year;

– automatic change of a day at 00 hours 00 min. 00 sec. PSI provides displaying the current status and insider information to the engineer’s control maximum in 2 sec.

– traffic rate in Ethernet is minimum 100 Kb /sec.

PSI technical facilities are designed for around-the-clock service.

PSI enables maintenance and current repair of any input/output channels without reducing execution of real time tasks in other channels.

Single-type PSI units are interchangeable.

Data reader units are no-contact (SCh-1) from RFID-tags or readers KTN from metal tokens.

Standard technical specifications of no-contact reader devices SCh-1:

-working reading distance – up to20 cm;

-reading frequency – up to 1 TAG in a sec;

-maximum distance to concentrator

МК-2 with  IRPS interface (current loop) –up to10 km;

– rate of exchange by interface, minimum – 600 Bod.

SCh-1 case version is explosion-proof with spark-proof circuits and protection level at least IР54.

Modules of concentrators МК-2 are designed to control operation of SCh-1 devices (one MK-2 controls 5 (five) readers SCh-1 or KTN), for primary gathering of information from them and its transfer to system controller KS-1.

КS-1 system controller is designed for:

– information reception and storage from MK-2 inquantity from 1 to 16;

– delivery of control actions in МК-2;

– primary information processing and its transformation into formats required by customers of Ethernet.

КС-1 provides for signal delivery to control warning alarm according to conditions determined by the Customer.

PSI is powered from AC or DC mains 220V by one or two feeders.

The supplied equipment meets the requirements of GOST 22782.5-78.

Each record in data store contains:

– identification device name– up to 128

-TAG number – up to 32768

-time – format upon customer’s request (year, month, date, hours, min., sec.).

Record of service data base contains:

-unauthorized access information

SCh-1 number, TAG number (token number), time;

-failures SCh-1, МК-2

numbers SCh-1, МК-2;

– prying attacks SCh-1, МК-2

numbers SCh-1, МК-2 time.

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