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Repair of mine locomotives and mining equipment

Ремонт шахтных электровозов
Ремонт шахтных, рудничных электровозов

Along with new equipment production, PrJSC “PCF “Amplituda” also offers services in overhaul maintenance and upgrading of mine transport (trolley and accumulator locomotives of all types, inertia-type locomotives, associated electric equipment).

All operations are executed in accordance with the list of regulatory documents, which must be complied with by the repaired products as for their safety properties. The overhaul maintenance is carried out by the highly skilled specialists having proper educational level, great work experience by occupation and attested for the right to carry out repair on explosion-proof electric equipment.  Production control shall be by QC department composed of qualified specialists with sufficient work experience and required knowledge.

Machinery overhaul stipulates:

  • visual inspection and decontamination;
  • complete disassembly of repaired equipment and rejection of units beyond repair, with their subsequent replacement by the new details and units;
  • replacement of all bearings, springs and metalware by the new ones;
  • frame reinforcement and complete repair of all units or replacement by the new ones;
  • manifolds, coils, sections, bearings are replaced in electric motors;
  • manufacturing of required details and welding of constructional elements;
  • mechanical processing, thermal processing of units;
  • electrical installation work;
  • final assembling of the product, painting at the special bench;
  • bench run;
  • optionally, under overhaul maintenance it is possible to upgrade electric locomotives by installation of electronic control units KTV-2 and additional control units and automatic devices (speed gauge, audio warning device,  voltage converter etc.).

Cost of overhaul maintenance and upgrading depends on the wearing rate of equipment and may be varied within 40-80% of the new equipment cost.

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