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Mine electric locomotive АRP8Т

The bench tests in different modes continuously during 10 days showed that the electric locomotive showed its good condition, and all the parameters including temperature of motors and KTV controller are within the permissible range. Tests with acid battery proved that the electric locomotive performs all functions and ensures set parameters without overloads and emergencies. Moreover, in operation with the acid battery, additional supervision is required over its charge, which is better ensured by the circuit-breaker VRV-160. It may be applied also with alkaline battery.

Extended tests of electric locomotives with new alkaline batteries were conducted in normal modes and did not give rise to unfavorable criticism. Tests with alkaline batteries that have been operating for several years revealed that there appear operation modes, where significant unpredictable voltage surges are possible that cause breakdown of power batteries, and because at many mines there are exactly these batteries, it was decided to study and adapt the locomotive scheme to them. Several units were updated and manufactured that enable the electric locomotive ARP8T to operate with alkaline batteries, the service life whereof has already expired.

During long-term tests there were revealed the least reliable units in KTV unit. They include the mechanical reverser, which in the original scheme was one of the key units, but appeared to be the “narrowest” place and requires manufacturing of special materials with high accuracy. That is why it was decided to replace it by the electronic scheme that raised the cost of KTV unit, but significantly increased its reliability. Other units were also changed, which finally allowed ensuring higher safety and reliability of the product in the whole.

Besides, it was encountered that operators not always comply with locomotive operation manuals and make different operation mode switchings (even unpredictable) and it causes peak electrical and mechanical loads. Upon equipment updating there was introduced not only blocking of such modes, but also reliable operation of electric locomotive was ensured at the circuit level.

Electrodynamic braking system gives an opportunity for complete blocking of wheels, and under availability of mechanical brakes it allows ensuring all required kinds of braking. During updating of electrodynamic braking it was managed to ensure the mode analogous to AB8 (anti-blocking system) of a passenger car.

The set forth updating was also applied for KTV-2 unit certified and produced by PrJSC PCF “Amplituda”. During tests there appeared a need for accurate speed control and it is provided in the speed gauge SR, also produced by “Amplituda”.

Starting from 2004 PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” launches commercial production of KTV-2 controller and ARP8T electric locomotive which under operation with acid accumulator battery may be two-cabin one within the same overall dimensions (in the second cabin there is a control unit only). It is planned to mount the KTV-2 controller also when repairing of existing electric locomotive models. If necessary, ERP8T may be combined with a duplex electric locomotive 2АRP8Т. Testing in mine conditions showed that the traction effort of АRP8Т locomotive is much higher than the one of АМ8D.

The enumerated improvements of electrical scheme and several know-how in mechanical part of electric locomotive allow speaking about at least twice increased service life, about ensuring higher safety and reliability.

At present time the electric locomotive АRP8Т-900 is manufactured by PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” according to Technical Specifications of Ukraine 35.2-25103132-001-2002. The Declaration patent ofUkraineno.11А 63081А was granted for the electric locomotive and its control system.