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Main directions of mine locomotive transport development

V. L. Debelyy, Cand.Sc.

(SOJSC “Trust “Donetskshakhostroymontazh”)

L. L. Debelyy, eng.

(PrJSC PCF “Amplituda”)

S. A. Melnikov, eng.



There are about 3400 accumulator and trolley locomotives of 20 types, more than 155 700 cargo and passenger wagons of 23 designations, as well as other loading-unloading equipment of railway transport operated underground and on the surface of the Ukrainian mines. For its normal functioning there is a need in timely current and overhaul maintenances, introduction of perfect technical facilities and transport technology, improvement of mine rail track condition. Thus, every year over 400 mine electric locomotives and 1300 traction batteries require replacement. The most critical situation has developed with the locomotive transport carrying out over 80% of the total transportation volume, due to lack of required quantity of electric motors, controllers, accumulator batteries and other equipment.