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On upgrading of electric locomotives ам8d and 2ам8d in the process of overhaul maintenance

The locomotives АМ8D and 2АМ8D by design do not meet a set of GOST requirements 12.2.112—86 “Occupational Safety Standards. Mining electric locomotive transport. General requirements to rolling equipment ” and Regulatory acts on labor safety 1.1.30—7.01—82 “Temporary safety requirement to the mining-and-transport equipment for coal and  shale mines” approved by the Ministry of Coal Industry dated July 5, 1982, and their operation causes increased injury rate at transport. Detailed analysis of injury rate at the mining transport revealed some regularities caused by imperfection of technical facilities ensuring safe operation and by abuse of safety procedures by operators.

The main reasons that led to different kinds of injuries to miners, according to Makeevka Scientific Research Institute: lack of speed gauges at electric locomotives (about 11 % of all accidents at mine rail haulage); driving of electric locomotive by the operator being out of cabin (about 7,3%); unsatisfactory vision from the cabin (about 5,5%); lack of communication and alarm facilities (about 4,6%); insufficient underground illumination (3,9%).

Technically correct design engineering of mining transportation facilities, effective organizational management and adherence to all safety regulations allows minimizing the danger of injuries conditioned by work of all elements connected with operation. Safety parameters of the electric locomotive in the course of design engineering may be achieved at the account of development and application of special protection devices, correct choice of process units and details.

The obligatory condition for locomotive transport operation is using protection devices, signal pedal and communication facilities, on the one hand, and compliance with set operating conditions, timely repairs, checks and maintenance inspections, on the other hand.

As a result of the work executed with account for given requirements and recommendations of Makeevka Scientific Research Institute, new design solutions in mine transport manufacturing sector have been worked out and introduced at PrJSC PCF “Amplituda”.   Along with professional attitude of the staff to its work, they ensure high quality of output product.

Since 2004 the company has proceeded to commercial output of accumulator locomotives АRP8Т and 2АRP8Т having significant advantages compared to the off-market models АМ8D and 2АМ8D inconsistent with a set of requirements of GOST and Regulatory acts on labor safety.

Design of electric locomotives АRP8Т and 2АRP8Т meets the requirements of GOST 12.2.112-86 inpart of operating safety and allows reducing the risk of injuries at mine transport. Thus, to eliminate infringement of p. 2.22 GOST 12.2.112-86, there has been worked out and applied a cabin with a roof, a seat for a trainee, and safe glasses for window apertures which reduced the risk of traumatizing both in case of rock failure, and in case of fouling by projecting objects (pipeline, cables, hanging pieces of rocks etc.) in the haulage way. The speed gauge SR has been created and is successively applied as a device for information display and allows determining the driving speed of electric locomotives and the distance covered by them. The electric locomotive may be equipped with a lighting system with switching of headlamps light from the downward beam to the high beam light, and also from the white to the red one in case of changing the driving direction that facilitates enlargement of the visibility zone and gives the operator some time margin for reaction in case of contingency. This engineering solution eliminated the infringement of p. 4.6 GOST 12.2.112-86. The pulse voltage converter IPN designed for lamps’ power supply allows automatic switching on the headlamp corresponding to the electric locomotive driving direction (high beam light, downward beam and safety red one).

|In order to eliminate infringement of p. 4.11.11 Regulatory acts on labor safety 1.1.30- 7.01.-82., the PCF “Amplituda” worked out a terminal switch using which enables to achieve cutoff of motors, when the operator gets out of cabin. Application of two-tone audio warning device SZEV for supply of a warning call from electric locomotives, having a high level of sound pressure, increases the distance where the signal can be clearly heard, especially when nearby other machines and mechanisms are operated, eliminating the infringement of p.4.1.17 Regulatory acts on labor safety 1.1.30—7.01.-82.

The indispensable condition of stable operation of a speed gauge, pulse voltage converter and audio warning device are permissibility and spark safety that are achieved by means of encapsulating a mechanism resistant to explosion pressure inside and preventing from its transfer into environment according to GOST 22782.6-81.

These devices created for the purpose of higher safety of electrical haulage with account for reasons of miners’ injury rate, and in the process of maintenance overhaul allow upgrading the accumulator locomotives АМ8D and 2АМ8D under minimum financial investments and achieving full compliance with requirements of GOST 12.2.112- 86. The technical facilities worked out at CJSC PCF “Amplituda” have been registered at the State Standard of Ukraine, passed the acceptance tests, are permitted for operation and recommended for commercial application at the mine transport.

Thus, the funds invested into equipment in the course of maintenance overhauls of locomotives АМ8D and 2АМ8D will be directly proportional to reduction of injury rate of miners under heavy duty conditions of the electric locomotive transport, that eventually will raise labor productivity and increase production output.