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Spare parts

Diode cluster BD Battery box АМ8D (with insulation and covers) Automatic battery cutout
Brakeblocks АМ8D Compressor U43102А Connecting block BS
Springs АМ8D 10.00.001, 10.00.002, 10.00.003 Terminal 17-20 sq. d 8,10 mm Contact ShR-185 for 1500
Contact ShR-185 for 1900 Reversing pin 551016 Segment 8ВХ556016
Insulator VKh 780014 Insulator VKh 780027 Contact  8ВХ551046
Contact 8ТХ551020 Reducer group АМ8D Reducer group К14
Brakeblocks К-14 Insert  АМ8D

Insert  АМ8D

Brush EG-74 Pressure relay Automatic standing device
Insulating base Brushholder DRТ-13 Cam element 6ВХ687005 and arc blowout device 5ВХ740014

Block of resistors BR



brake сylinder




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