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Trolley locomotive 4КА

It is designed for transportation of rolling equipment across underground workings of mines and pits with a gradient up to0.005 and track bending radius minimum12 m, where the current safety regulations permit operation of trolley locomotives. Technical Specifications ofUkraine35.2-25103132-007:2006.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Adhesive weight  kg   4000
2. Nominal voltage at collector bow  V   250+75/-50
3. Speed in hours mode km/h   5,5
4. Railway electric motor power in hours mode kWt   24
5. Traction effort in hours mode kN   13
6. Rail gage  mm   600,750
7. Length over buffers  mm   3300
8. Width over projected parts:
-for a track  600  mm   1050
-for a track  750   1200
-for a track  900   1350
9. Height over operator’s cabin mm   1515
10. Rigid wheelset mm   900
11. Clearance (ground clearance) mm   100
12. Binding band outside diameter mm   540

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