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Automatic Battery Circuit-Breaker (VAB)

The automatic battery circuit-breakers VAB are intended for completing the mine accumulator locomotives with a sectionalized control system. The circuit-breakers are intended for connection of locomotive power equipment to the accumulator battery, its short-circuit protection and ensuring the locomotive motion start from zero position of control lever. Auxiliary assembly units allow monitoring the insulation condition and charging rate of accumulator battery.

Climatic version of the circuit-breaker is UKhL5 according to GOST 15150. Herewith:

  • – environmental temperature minus 5 to plus 35°С;
  • – outside relative humidity up to (98 ± 2)%  with moisture condensation at (35 ± 2)°С;
  • – non-explosive environment in terms of methane,  coal dust content up to 3·10-4 kg/m3;
  • – operating position of the breaker – vertical, permitted deviation up to 100 from the operating position wheresoever;
  • – breaker insulation is of the I level under   GOST 24719.

Technical characteristics

Parameter designation Units of measure Standart
1. Kind of current direct
2. Operation mode continuous
3. Quantity of switched power circuits


pcs 4
4. Current rating А 150*
5. Rated voltage V 300
6. Preset current value of electromagnetic releases А 600±120
7. Values of insulation resistance under actuation of the device indicating insulation resistance degradation (UKI) kOhm 15±2; 10±1; 7±1;
8. Means for insulation resistance indication optical
9. Control stages of battery residual capacity, %, including**** 100-90**




Normal discharge –

deep discharge

10. Means for residual capacity indication**** optical
11. Preset current value of residual capacity control device ****

-for accumulators TNZhSh-350,TNK-400

-for accumulators TNZhSh -500, TNZhSh -550

-for accumulators TNZhSh -650

А 125±5


217 +1


12.General wear resistance, cycle***


Commutation wear resistance, cycle

Mechanical wear-resistance, cycle

Preset value for circuit breaker shutdown under current overload

А 16000




* When charging and discharging the accumulator battery during 3h, the current of 150А is permitted per contact pair (pole).

** At stage limits, flashing of combinations is allowed, which correspond both to the upper and the lower graduation level of residual battery capacity.

*** After each 2000 cycles, the switching unit requires maintenance service (frame position adjustment, tightening of bolts).

**** The circuit-breaker switches off automatically with deep battery discharge.

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