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Audio warning device SZEV

Audio warning device SZEV is designed for sending a warning sound signal from mine electric locomotives, at conveyor belts, handling terminals and exchange stations, rope haulage and in other cases, when warning alarm is required.

The warning devices are designed for operation in gas- and dust-hazardous coal and shale mines.

They may be used instead of warning devices SZD-1.1М, SSU-2.1М, SZV-1 and others used at present time or out of production. All external circuits of the warning devices are spark-proof. The warning device has protection of external circuits against short circuit. Permissibility of the warning device is provided by the kind of explosion protection “explosion-proof enclosure” according to State Standard of Ukraine 7114:2009 and is achieved by encasing the electrical parts into the case withstanding explosion pressure inside it and eliminating explosion transfer into environment.

The mean life is minimum 12000 h at temperature 250С. Average service life with regard to repairing work is minimum 7 years. Version according to GOST 12.2.020-76 for a group RV1V.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Sound level of warning device at the distance of 1 malong the center line of radiator, minimum dB 108
2. Operating supply voltage:
-of direct current V 50-80
3. Sounding duration* sec 5-7
4. Signal frequency* Hz 1 tone 1200
2 tone 1800
5. Quantity of tones* pcs. 1-10
6. Sounding duration of each tone* sec 0,4+/-1
7. Power consumption, maximum* Wt 25
8. Operation mode return- short-time
9. Dimensions, maximum L/W/H mm 220/140/60
10. Mass, maximum kg 7

*- Is set by a program if preferred by the customer.

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