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Registrar of parameters (“Black box”)

Registrar of parameters of accumulator and trolley mine locomotives (“Black box”)

The registrar represents a hardware and software system consisting of mobile registration facilities installed at electric locomotives and stationary data readers, and in maximum configuration it is designed for real-time determination of locomotive physical position at the route and monitoring of locomotive’s basic parameters, with saving and display of all data at the mine dispatcher’s display. All saved data are available for review and inaccessible for modification.

The mobile registrar records and transfers upon request of stationary reader the following data:

-electric locomotive drive speed ;

– operating currents of 2 motors;

– input currents individually for each motor;

– locomotive supply voltage;

– air pressure in pneumatic systems of electric locomotive (for trolley ones);

– trail of electric locomotive in kilometers;

– machine hour quantity.

-operator’s employment monitoring, by means of registration of each operator according to his personnel number

The stationary reader inquires all available in the range of operation mobile devices (actual electric locomotives) and transfers data to the server installed at the mining dispatcher’s

The software graphically displays position of electric locomotives of the mine and enables to get all data per each electric locomotive in any time interval up to the quantity of transported cargoes, status of motors, accumulator batteries (trolley system). The data obtained from the stationary readers may be possibly used in the labor hour’s time-keeping system.

Introduction of this system will allow essential improvement of underground transport operator’s labor discipline and significantly optimize and raise performance of cargo transportation by mine transport.

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