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Pulse voltage converter (PNI)

The PNI is designed for power supply and commutation of any customers with power voltage and input current parameters given in the table, in particular, for headlamps of electric locomotive  АRP8Т (АМ8D), АRP4,5Т, АRP5Т, АRP7Т and other accumulator locomotives (high beam, downward beam and safety red one), monitors locomotive driving direction and automatically switches on the appropriate headlamp.

According to GOST 27.003 the converter belongs to the special purpose products (SPP), kind II, restorable, wearing, repairable.

The converter is resistant to exposure of mine environment for climatic version UKhL, category 5 according to GOST 15150 under environmental temperature of

– 10оС to + 50оС and relative air humidity (98±2) % (with moisture condensation) at temperature + 50оС and maximum dust content 1600 mg/m3.

Explosion protection version according to GOST 12.2.020–76 for application group RV1V.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Nominal input voltage (direct current) V 40 – 80
2. Output voltages (direct current)
U1 V 24(max1 A)
U2 24(max4 A)
3. Power consumption, maximum (under maximum load current) Wt 150
4. Operation mode long life
5. Overall dimensions L/W/H mm 220/140/60
6. Mass, maximum kg 7
7. Error-free running time, maximum h 5000
8. Total service life, minimum years 5
9. Average storage time, minimum years 3

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