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Explosion-proof transistor controller КТV-2

It is designed to control travelling and electrical equipment of mine accumulator locomotives applied in gas- and dust-dangerous coal mines. Explosion protection level is RV.

The controller КТV-2 ensures raising efficiency of mine locomotives operation, enables to increase the mechanical life (traction drive life), motor lifetime, increases distance run of electric locomotive per charge, and also allows significant reduction of material expenses for servicing and repair of electrical equipment of locomotives. It is applied at electric locomotives, both with alkaline, and acid batteries.

Installation of transistor no-contact control system during overhaul makes the lifetime of electric locomotives at least twice longer, and allows smoothing out surge currents of the battery that extends their service life and significantly increases labor safety of miners.

The controller executes the following functions:

1. Driving direction selection;

2.Selection of drive operating mode: operation or braking;

3.Permission to start electric locomotive operation from the zero position of control handle only;

4.Smooth change of voltage at railway motors in selected drive operating modes;

5. Electrodynamic braking of electric locomotive at any locomotive travelling speed;

6. Current limitation of railway motors at their start, braking, speed control and overloads;

7.Cut-off of railway motors when the operator stops acting upon dead man’s pedal;

8. Headlamps control by switching from the downward beam to the high beam light, or clearance lamps, alarm bell control;

9. Synchronous control of railway motors and auxiliary electric equipment of electric locomotive in dual cockpit;

10. Control of running a battery down;

11. Incase of any motor failure, operation of another one is ensured in full-scale mode.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Designation of basic parameters and dimensions Unit of measure Value
1. Supply voltag V 145
limit deviation, plus-minus % 10
2. Supply voltage range V 80 to 200
3. Total current of two railway motors:
-in hours duty А 280
-in continuous duty 140
limit deviation, plus-minus % 10
4. Voltage-control band on railway motors % 5 to 100
5. System voltage
of low-voltage installation В 24
limit deviation, plus-minus % 3
6. Current-limiting installation control range:
-in traction condition А up to 280
-in braking mode up to 80
7. Overall dimensions, maximum mm 620х515х890
8. Mass, maximum kg  240

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