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Power controller КS-001M

The power controller КS-001M is designed for resistance start and electrodynamic braking of railway motors of mine locomotives operated on DC trolley system 250V.

The controller is an upgraded modification of the power controller КS-304У5, the both controllers are completely interchangeable.

Operating conditions:

– environmental temperature minus 5 to plus 350C;

– height above sea level maximum 1200m;

-environment – mining, normal;

– dust content maximum 300 mg/m2;

-operating position – vertical;

-vibration of fixturing point within a frequency range 1 to 100Hz with acceleration 1g;

-cooling – natural.

Environmental protection level IP3O.

Technical characteristics

Serial no. Parameter designation Unit of measure Value
1 Kind of current direct
2 Nominal voltage
-of power and control ones V 250
-of lighting and alarm 24
3 Nominal current of cam element А 410
4 Operation mode repeated- short-time
5 Current of  cam element continuous duty А 220
6 Nominal current of light circuits А 5
7 Quantity of contacts:
-switch contacts pcs 11
-reversing contacts 9
-light circuits 4
-blocking circuits 1
8 Contact pressure:
-switch contacts N 40
-reversing contacts 40
-reversing contacts
-alarm and  blocking circuits minimum 2,8
9 Failure of contacts, light, alarm and blocking circuits. mm 2,0
10 Contact clearance:
-switch contact mm 12
-reversing contact 9
-of light
-alarm and blocking circuits 10
11 Mass kg 140

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