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Coal mining 2012 

The 12th specialized exhibition of coal-mining industry Coal mining 2012 was held inDonetsk within the period from September 4 till September 7.

According to European standards, this exhibition is one of the oldest events in the coal-mining equipment industry. This exhibition has been held once in two years since 1983.

Effectiveness of the event is proved by the UFI Approved Event certificate. It was organized by the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, as well asDonetskcity administration.

The international status of the exhibition was represented by 500 participants from 20 countries of the world. The total quantity of exhibits in this year amounted to30 000 square meters. It is the largest exhibition that occupies the whole territory ofExpoDonbassExhibitionCenter. This exhibition was visited by representatives of mining industry, managers of thermal plants and beneficiating open-casts.


The mining electric locomotives with upgraded configuration made by PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” were represented at the exhibition “Coal-Mining”-2012. Inappearance the new mining electric locomotives do not differ from those which the operators got used to. The difference is just in the safety level. Apart from multifunctional speed gauge and transistor automatic control system, they are equipped with explosion-proof box for accumulator batteries.

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