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About the Company


“Amplituda” Private Joint-Stock Company is a specialized enterprise for production and overhaul repairs of accumulator and trolley locomotives, manufacture of component parts and electrical equipment thereto, for the purpose of maximum covering the needs of coal and metal mining industry in reliable locomotive transport.

The enterprise’s history has been recorded since 1993 – from foundation of productive capacities of PCF “Amplituda” based upon Donetsk electromechanical plant. For the years to date the enterprise has developed, modernized and turned into the up-to-date high-technology mechanical-engineering production with formidable creative potential.

The enterprise produces accumulator locomotives АRP8Т, 2АRP8Т, АRP5Т, АRP7Т, АRP2Т (analogues АМ8D, 2АМ8D, 4,5RPП, 7АRP, АК-2U), trolley locomotives 4КА, 7КА, 10КА, 14КА (analogues 4КR, 7КR, К-10, К-14), comprised of conceptually new functional units: controllers KTV-2, КS-001, КR, speed gauge SR, energy source IP-5, headlamp FRE1.0 А etc. Production of explosion-proof accumulator boxes and compact accumulator locomotives of 2 t adhesive weight has been mastered.

Since 2001, with application of innovation technologies, the overhaul maintenance of all types of electric mine locomotives is carried out, with complete recovery of their active life and bringing into compliance with requirements of safety regulations.

The enterprise constantly improves the manufacturing technique and introduces inventions enabling to raise the output product quality. Quality management system established at the enterprise meets the regulatory documents applicable in Ukraine and is confirmed by the certificate of conformity DSTU ISO 9001-2009.

At the International Exhibition “COAL/MINING-2012”, PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” represented the mine electric locomotives of new generation with renewed configuration providing a high level of reliability and safety. The enterprise was awarded with a special Exhibition Diploma for development and implementation of high-technology equipment in coal industry.

Having a wealth of experience work with enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, near- and far-abroad countries, PrJSC PCF “Amplituda” constantly extends its business relations and is looking for long-lasting and mutually profitable cooperation with all interested parties.

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